Recent Research

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My recent research has focused on three key areas:

  • Estimating the causal impact of passing a criminal background check (or receiving “clearance” to work) on recidivism
  • Examining decision maker strategies to improve employment opportunities for people with criminal records and balance public safety interests
  • Exploring public perceptions of criminal records, including testing the impact of using “offender” labels relative to “person-first” descriptions and whether the public supports private companies publishing arrest records


Criminal Background Checks, Employment, and Recidivism

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Decision Maker Strategies in Occupational Licensing and Criminal Background Check Decisions

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Criminal Record Stigma and Public Perceptions

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Other Events/Projects

In April 2018, I was fortunate to join an excellent roundtable hosted by the Stanford Criminal Justice Center on criminal record barriers to the legal profession, including law school admissions and the moral character requirement for the bar. You can check out some of the Center’s current projects here.