Recent Research

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My recent research has focused on three key areas:

  • The implications of criminal background check decisions
  • Decision maker strategies to improve employment opportunities for people with criminal records and balance public safety interests
  • Public perceptions of criminal records, including testing the impact of using “offender” labels relative to “person-first” descriptions and whether the public supports private companies publishing arrest records

Criminal Background Checks, Employment, and Recidivism

Denver, Megan and Brandon Behlendorf. 2022. Shifting Peaks and Cumulative Consequences: Disqualifying Convictions in High-Security Jobs. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 59(3): 279-326.    [Note: This is a publicly available (open access) article, located here.] 

Denver, Megan, Garima Siwach, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2017. A New Look at the Employment and Recidivism Relationship through the Lens of a Criminal Background Check. Criminology 55(1): 174-204.


Decision Maker Strategies in Occupational Licensing and Criminal Background Check Decisions

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Criminal Record Stigma and Public Perceptions

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