Denver, Megan. Reshaping the Study of Recidivism: Exploring Variations in the Timing of Recidivism Following Release from Prison.  Criminal Justice Policy Review, Available on OnlineFirst.

  • This paper incorporates the shape parameter, in addition to the more commonly used level parameter, into a lognormal hazard model to examine correlates of recidivism risk for individuals recently released from state prison.


Kurlychek, Megan, Shawn Bushway, and Megan Denver. 2016.  “Understanding and Identifying Desistance: An Example Exploring the Utility of Sealing Criminal Records.” In Global Perspectives on Desistance. Routledge.

  • In this chapter, we identify types of desisters and whether certain policies might theoretically benefit, harm, or not impact each desister type.


Pickett, Justin, Megan Denver, and Shawn Bushway. “Americans minority population growth, offender racial demographics, and public support for criminal background checks: A pilot experiment.”

  • We were recently awarded seed grant funds from the Center for Social and Demographic Analysis (CSDA) at the University at Albany to conduct a national survey.  In this project, we will examine several previously unaddressed issues related to public support for criminal background checks.


In May 2016 I defended my dissertation prospectus: Targeting the “absence” in a desistance framework: Balancing risk and rehabilitation in mandated criminal background check employment decisions.